Hello, world!  I’m Naomi Schemm, and I’m currently a student in the Master’s of Library and Information Studies program in SLAIS at the University of British Columbia.  This blog was originally created as an assignment for my LIBR 500 — Foundations of Information Technology class for Dr. Mary Sue Stephenson.  The assignment, broadly, is to explore Web 2.0 technologies as they are used in libraries.

On my blog, I have chosen to explore library mashups.  As the name indicates, these are basically programs that take the abilities of two programs and “mash” them together.  Darlene Fichter at the Internet Library 2006 conference described them more formally as, “A mashup is a website or web application that uses content from one or more sources to create a completely new service.”  This may sound complicated, but as you will see in various postings on my blog, it can be as simple as combining library branch’s addresses with Google Maps to provide an instant map.  Others are considerably more involved.

I hope to provide a sampling of mashups and the diverse ways which they are being used in libraries.  In my reviews, I will try to address the following (which are also the evaluation criteria) :

  • ease/difficulty of finding and accessing it
  • overall usability, especially for new users
  • commentary on how well this tool fits in with other services provided by that specific library (if applicable)
  • what I like about it and what I think could be improved
  • how much I myself would want to use this tool (how self-centered of me, yes, but it’s my blog so that’s what you get)

Enjoy!  And please feel free to leave comments, suggestions for my improvement, whatever.